Rainbird Music is an efficient, ethical music publisher, offering rights administration and consultancy services to independent artists and up-and-coming talent. Our publishing and administration services are provided in conjunction with promotion, management, marketing and creative development, offering a fully comprehensive package to artists and writers.

Rainbird Music enables artists and writers to retain ownership of their intellectual property and maintain creative control, whilst maximising opportunities within a supportive framework.

Our services include:

  • Copyright registration
  • Income collection
  • Catalogue administration
  • Song exploitation
  • Sync placement
  • Master licensing
  • Artist marketing and promotion
  • Development of business opportunities
  • Advice, guidance and support

Rainbird Music also offers sub-publishing services for catalogues requiring administration in the UK.

Additionally, Rainbird Music offers a consultancy service for independent, DIY artists for a nominal monthly fee. This service addresses business affairs, financial matters, marketing, distribution, promotion, and creative guidance.